About Us

When it comes to early childhood education, the Building Blocks staff believes strongly that all children can thrive both socially and academically when given the right opportunity. We believe every experience can be a learning experience, and children are always encouraged to make good choices. The Building Blocks staff create learning experiences as often as possible through a hands-on approach to student-centered learning.

Modern and classic elements are incorporated into daily activities to create a diverse curriculum. Children are comfortable in the atmosphere at Building Blocks, and their self awareness and confidence have proven to be a successful tool to their own development and growth. The instructional techniques we use have and will continue to create lifelong learners out of the young minds that come through our doors.

Over the years, Building Blocks has grown to include infants through school-age students. Several classrooms and spaces have been created to separate older children from the younger ones. Activities are planned for each different age group with an emphasis on reaching a goal that is age appropriate and creates a positive learning experience.